DustBubbles are disposable dust collectors for DIY or industrial drills up to a maximum bit size of 10mm. They use a combination of adhesion to the wall and the action of the drill itself to catch virtually all the dust when you drill. They make drilling jobs easier, leaving both hands free while you drill and quicker, by saving you the trouble of clearing up afterwards. When you’ve finished drilling you simply remove the DustBubble from the wall and discard it along with all the dust.

In the quick standard procedure there are just four simple steps to follow:

How To Use a DustBubble

How To Use a DustBubble

Lead-based paint, silica, mold, MDF, other contaminants and metal swarf*
Industrial DustBubbles combined with a wetting agent applied inside the enclosure ;captures all (when used inline with approved procedure) the debris, there is no further equipment or decontamination neccessary*.

Transparent, flexible & hands free
All DustBubbles are transparent so you can always see where you are drilling. The flexible material allows drilling at an angle or in restrictive spaces and DustBubbles stick to the wall surface so they are hands free for safer drilling.

Tough and heat resistent
DIY DustBubbles are available for ‘Wallpaper & Painted Walls’, ‘Kitchen & Bathroom Tiles’ and ‘Wood (including MDF), Plaster (or Drywall) & Untreated Surfaces’. For non-contamination issue maintenance work these offer a hugely cost effective protection against dust for general health and safety protection and reduce or eliminate clean up time.
*Drilling with the Contamination Control DustBubble Kit is only recommended as part of an approved health and safety procedure and by an insured operator.